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About Impact Ministries

 Impact is a ministry that exists …

  • To educate and build up the Body of Christ. To prepare the Church for the Coming of Christ.

  • To create a hunger for the truth no matter where it leads you and to be Biblically and Theologically Sound with the help of the Holy Spirit. (2Tim 2:15) (1 Peter 3:15).

Kevin Wilson is Founder and President of Impact Ministries.  Kevin endeavors to reach those (through this website) who are seekers and want to know more about the Christian faith. He also desires to see everyone find their true purpose, no matter the race, culture, economic status or physical limitations. Kevin is an Ordained and Licensed Pastor who for over the past decade has served as Worship Pastor, Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor in south east Michigan. Ministry is his passion. Kevin is also a songwriter and recording artist who has a passion for prophetic worship that draws people into the genuine presence of God. Kevin says, Everything he is and ever will be is because of Christ that lives in him. He lives to honor and glorify Christ alone.  This is his true purpose. Kevin resides in south east Michigan with his wife Kimberly and their two daughters.