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Time to Rise Up

Jun 22, 2013   //   by Kevin Wilson   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments

Rise Up Blog

As we go through a political, economic, social, and spiritual shift in this country, I’m reminded that just twenty years ago, though we were not perfect as a nation, we were leaps and bounds better than who we are today. So what happened? Did a cruel dictator come to power in the last twenty years and demand that we embrace homosexuality? Let gays serve openly in the military? Reverse the Mexico City Policy so that our tax dollars go not only to pay for the 4,000 babies that are slaughtered EVERY DAY in America, but now in other countries as well? Has there been a dramatic rise in the gay population? The answer to all of these questions is no. So what is the right answer? As you shuffle through all the files in your brain let me make this very simple for you. We live in a world that is full of sin and depravity. The great thing about this certain truth is that there is a God who has created and chosen a people for Himself. While that may sound like an exclusive club that you need a special code to get into, it’s not like that at all. Those chosen people are people like you and me who might not look sound or have ivy league education. But if you are saved you have been wired with all it takes to turn the tide of this failing country. In Isaiah 60:1-2 the Bible clearly states that Darkness, gross darkness will cover the earth, but God’s people would be lights in the midst of that darkness. Notice that the light is shining on and coming through God’s people. Herein lies our answer. We can’t expect the world to fix its own problems. It is incapable of doing so. This is why we, as God’s people, are not to use what we have as a Sunday morning jump and shout, but rather we are to literally change the landscape everywhere we go. If we are to change the bleak outlook of America, we do it by realizing who we really are. We are hands down the most powerful people (because of Christ) on the face of the earth. One of the reasons society looks the way it does today is because the church was silent when we should have risen up. Madalyn Murray O’Hair would have never been able to get away with taking official bible reading out of the Schools if the church would have risen up. Where were you Men of God? Where were the ones who said you were passionate for the truth and the freedoms we enjoyed in America? She was only one woman and she is affecting every child’s life in America because of a cause and a passion that was burning inside of her. Sadly in her case, it was the fires of hell that were burning in her mind and heart. A fire that destroyed something that had been woven in the fabric of America. If one woman can do that, Imagine what would happen if we all came together. Forgetting and putting aside our petty differences as Christians and united for one cause. To lift up a biblical Standard in America once again as our founding Fathers did. Where are you? America needs you! God wants to use you! It’s time for the church in America to wake up! In the same way the fires of Hell are burning in gay activists all over America. What will you do church? Will you cave like so many are doing? Will you now rewrite the policy in your churches to include (in leadership) those who are in open unrepentant perversion? While we dare not hate ANYONE no matter what their sexual preference, we must protect the sanctity of marriage. No excuses!

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