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Where’s the Discernment?

Jul 2, 2013   //   by Kevin Wilson   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments
What constitutes God’s blessing on your ministry? I ask this question in light of all the recent programs that have been aired on TV in the last few months.  At first glance you may be excited to see Christians getting more air time in secular media, but is the time that they are getting advancing the cause of Christ in the earth? Lets face it, anyone in ministry loves when they are called upon to either speak, give commentary, or perform in a secular venue. Most of these men and women of God have a genuine and pure desire to use their platform as a way of influencing a wider audience in the direction of the cross, but is that what really happens? I believe the devil,(or what ever your name is for him)is very shrewd. In these last days he’s going to capitalize on every opportunity we give him, even those opportunities that look innocent. This brings me to one of the TV shows that has been on in recent months, one of which has been canceled due to poor ratings. The Sisterhood show which is about the drama filled lives of five pastor’s wives is a disgrace to Christianity. The Sisterhood, which in my opinion should have been about the incredible person a woman has to be in order to keep up with the hectic life of her pastor husband. It is an extraordinary responsibility to juggle the responsibilities of being a pastor’s wife, a mother, and a host of other things that these great women of God have to be.
This show is nothing of the sorts. What do we expect? Its Hollywood. What is Hollywood after? Yep, you guessed it, MONEY. So do you think they will put on a show with anyone without wanting to create some type of drama or bombshell so that people will watch it? Of course not, even if the cast is so called “Christian”. When I first heard of this show without knowing anything about it, I thought it would be great for the world to see the very real and hectic lives of Women Of God. With that said, has Hollywood ever came out with anything that put Christians in a good light? There are a few exceptions I’m sure. Other than those minor exceptions, what you usually get on TV is the less than five percent of Christians who are hateful, mean spirited, bigoted, and extremely hypocritical. But these few people do not represent the Body Of Christ at large. So why do Christians that get approached about doing a reality show about their lives automatically think things like: “God is advancing my ministry.” “God just opened a door for me.” “God’s hand and favor is on my ministry.” Why don’t we grow up as minister’s of the Gospel and Christians in general. We need to get free of the addiction to fame and fortune. We tell the world that these things are bad, but yet we salivate over the opportunity to be well known and have our faces plastered across the TV as though we are the main attraction. God is to always be the main attraction. Everywhere and in all circumstances. We are not to even temporarily drag His awesome name through the mud by being ungodly for all the world to see and then turn around and use the excuse that God is still working on me. He’s still working on all of us, but that doesn’t give us the license to act as we want for the TV cameras.  You say, God is opening a door for my ministry. Or it could be the devil himself opening up a trap door for you to fall into and add you to the long list of people he uses as his pawns. These would be people who don’t have enough discernment to know when it’s the enemy opening a door and not God. As a society we are so addicted to entertainment, money, and fame.
That’s ok for the world, because that’s all they have. As Christians we are to live for a much higher purpose. As I viewed some episodes from these shows, my heart sank and my spirit was grieved. The Sisterhood show comes complete with “Holy” cat fights among the pastor’s wives, foul language, and a trip to a Miami Bar. In the bar episode one of the pastors’ wives is seen ordering drinks from the bar, then prancing around trying to find guys in the bar to pay for the drinks. At what point do you as a pastor’s wife allow yourself to stoop to this low of standards for the whole world to see? Why would you go into an environment that God has delivered you from? I’ll tell you why. It starts at the point that you are approached to do the show. Instead of discerning that this could be a trap, you look at it through the lens of the flesh, you add a little spiritual twist to it and say, look what doors God is opening up for me. We need to realize that it’s not our ministry in the first place. God gives us a blueprint on how we should conduct ourselves as Christians. Society will always offer us opportunities to fail. Even with a Christian twist, we must exercise discernment in every opportunity we get and say no to the kingdoms of this world that want to use us for their gain while defaming the name of Christ. Remember, the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord. If God is in it, it will not bring shame to His name. I pray that as a new show arrives this fall called “Preachers Of LA” that God’s people will rise up against this abomination of a show that promotes mansions, Rolexes, Bentleys and the lavish lives of these so called “Pastors”. There is nothing wrong with being successful and having nice things, but when you flaunt your wealth in the face of millions of hard working people and tell them that it’s God’s will for everyone to be rich and teach them the heretical Prosperity Gospel, you are a fraud. Jesus himself said:; ” The poor you will always have with you” (Matt 26:11). The Jesus of Everyone will be rich as long as you have enough faith, or the Jesus of if you sow into my ministry and buy my “blessed prosperity handkerchief you will be blessed does not exist. Stop playing God’s people for fools! I pray that Christians across America and the world will stand up against this nonsense and follow the truth that will lead them to the cross, not to some slick haired preacher who is hypnotizing them with his latest gimmick. Let’s not stumble through life, tripping on the ever so clever tricks that the enemy offers us. Lets be led by The Spirit!

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